Space Terminal

The launchpad of Design Terminal’s space-related activities. 

Enter the space age!
Without exploring space,
there is no future.

Space Terminal is the hub of Design Terminal’s space-related activities, under which our projects and events operate. All of our programs have one goal in common: to strengthen the Hungarian space industry and build a strong community with diverse stakeholders.
Space Terminal is the Hungarian partner of the European Space Agency (ESA), working on developing successful startups and projects that can contribute to the broader European space ecosystem and industry. We are in partnership with leading Hungarian market players and institutes meanwhile expanding our network with university students, startups and SMEs, R&D stakeholders and academia.  
Our programmes 
ESA BIC Hungary 

The ESA BIC Hungary develops startups that use space technologies by providing business, technological and legal/IP workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities. Startups become part of a broader space community and receive a non-equity grant of 50.000 EUR. 

ESA Technology Broker

The ESA Technology Broker is looking for collaborations between space and non-space companies to develop a project that implements space solutions into the non-space company’s business. Selected projects receive a non-equity grant of 60.000 EUR. 


ESERO is a STEM education (a teaching approach that groups science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines) program offering teacher training and awareness-raising activities to motivate students to pursue studies and careers in the STEM sector.